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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1936 Confusion of ideals: Indian Institute of Science-Sir Venkata Raman's review--
1921 Conical refraction in biaxial crystalsRaman, C.V.Nature, 1921, Vol.107, p747
1941 Conical refraction in naphthalene crystalsRaman, C.V.; Rajagopalan, V.S.; Nedungadi, T.M.K.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-A, 1941, Vol.14, p221-227
1941 Conical refraction in naphthalene crystalsRaman, C.V.; Rajagopalan, V.S.; Nedungadi, T.M.K.Nature, 1941, Vol.147, p268
Jun-2008 Conoscopy of chiral smectic liquid crystal cellsSong, Jang-Kun; Vij, J.K.; Sadashiva, B.K.Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 2008, Vol.25, p1820
1993 Conserved dynamics of a two-dimensional random-field modelRao, Madan; Chakrabarti, AmitabhaPhysical Review E, 1993, V.48, pR25
14-Dec-2006 A consistent description of neutron stars with quark coresSoni, Vikram; Bhattacharya, D.Physics Letters B, 2006, Vol.643, p158-164
Nov-2006 Consortium approach to e-resource sharing – a case studyPatil, Y.M.; Savanur, Kiran P.Fifth Conference of the Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, 2006, p157-169
20-Oct-1999 Constrained violent relaxation to a spherical haloMangalam, A.; Nityananda, R.; Sridhar, S.Astrophysical Journal, 1999, Vol.524, p623-633
Dec-1999 Constraining cosmological parameters through Sunyaev-Zel'dovich surveysMajumdar, Subhabrata; Subrahmanyan, RaviPramana, 1999, Vol. 53, p971-975.
Apr-2008 Constraining galactic pγ interactions with cosmic ray electron and positron spectraGupta, Nayantara; Zhang, BingChinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2008, Vol.8, p153
Aug-2013 Constraint algebra in loop quantum gravity reloaded. I. Toy model of a U(1)3 gauge theoryHenderson, Adam; Laddha, Alok; Tomlin, CaseyPhysical Review D, 2013, Vol.88, p044028
Dec-1982 Constraints in relativistic Hamiltonian mechanicsSamuel, J.Physical Review D, 1982, Vol.26, p3475
Dec-2005 Constraints on changes in fundamental constants from a cosmologically distant OH absorber or emitterKanekar, N.; Carilli, C.L.; Langston, G.I.; Rocha, G.; Combes, F.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Stocke, J.; Menten, K.M.; Briggs, Frank H.; Wiklind, T.Physical Review Letters, 2005, Vol.95, p261301
4-Apr-2014 Constraints on cosmic strings from the LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave detectorsAasi, J.; Abadie, J.; Abbott, B.P.; Iyer, B.R.; LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration; +845 Co authorsPhysical Review Letters, 2014, Vol.112, p131101
Sep-1992 Constraints on radiative decay of the 17-keV neutrino from COBE measurementsNath, Biman B.Physical Review D, 1992, Vol.46, p2341
Mar-2000 Constraints on structure formation models from the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effectMajumdar, Subhabrata; Subrahmanyan, RaviMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2000, Vol.312, p724-732.
Jul-2001 Constraints on ΩB, Ωm, and h from MAXIMA and BOOMERANGPadmanabhan, T.; Sethi, S.K.The Astrophysical Journal, 2001, Vol.555, p125
1972 Constructing examples in relativistic classical particle mechanicsShukre, C.S.; Jordan, T.F.Journal of Mathematical Physics, 1972, Vol.13, p868-871
2011 Construction of fam beam telescopeAruna, KuraviM.Tech Project report, 2011
Showing results 665 to 684 of 5938
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