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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1929Science and the layman: the Governor's admonition - Dr. Raman's great discovery, the atom and light--
30-Jan-1994Science as serviceValiathan, M.S.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 30th January 1994
2-Sep-1949Science debt to photography : Sir C. V. Raman's address-The Hindu, 2nd September, 1949
1958Science in eastern Europe: I.Raman, C.V.Current Science, 1958, Vol.27, p371-375
1958Science in eastern Europe: II.Raman, C.V.Current Science, 1958, Vol.27, p421-426
1994Science in India excellence and accountabilitySrivastava, P.N.Presidential Address, 1994
1938Science in Sports: Dr. C .V . Raman's address--
4-Jul-1936Science institute inquiry: report submitted--
20-Dec-1966Science must subserve only peaceful ends-The Hindu, 20th December, 1966
11-Jan-1947Science needs devoted study : Sir C V Raman's advice to students--
15-Jan-1949The Science of illumination : Sir C. V. Raman's address--
1970The science of sound: vast field for research - Dr. Raman's call to scientists--
8-Nov-1988Science show to mark Raman centenary-The Times of India, 8th Nov.1988, p3
Jan-2013Science with the Murchison widefield arrayBowman, Judd D.; Cairns, Iver; Deshpande, A.A.; Prabhu, T.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Srivani, K.S.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; +45 Co-authorsPublications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 2013, Vol.30, e031
1999Science, technology and society: a tale about rocket development during 1750-1850Narsimha, RoddamNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Report, 1999
1978Science,technology adn societyRam, Atma14th Foundar Memorial Lecture, 1978.
30-Jan-1979Scientific discovories and the search for perfectionHodgkin, DorothyGandhi Memorial Lecture, 30th January 1979
30-Nov-2012Scientific Institutions-Photo Gallery
1-Jan-1952Scientific methods of agriculture: Sir C. V. Raman's suggestion--
21-Jun-2012Scientific objectives of Einstein telescopeSathyaprakash, B.S.; Abernathy, M.; Acernese, F; Ajith, P.; Mishra, Chandrakanth; +150 Co-authors; Iyer, B.R.Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2012, Vol.29, p124013