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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1919The scattering of light in the refractive media of the eyeRaman, C.V.Philosophical Magazine, 1919, Vol.38, p568-572
1923The scattering of X-rays in liquidsRaman, C.V.Nature, 1923, Vol.111, p185
1996Schlieren textures in biaxial nematic liquid crystalsChandrasekhar, S.; Nair, Geetha G.; Praefcke, K.; Singer, D.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1996, Vpl.288, p7
19-Feb-2007Scholarly communication in a digital world: The role of the digital repository at the Raman Research InstituteSrinivasan, Girija; Patil, Y.M.; Rajan, JacobInternational Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries (ICSD-2007). ARD Prasad & Devika P. Madalli (Eds.): ICSD-2007, pp. 285-294, 2007
Feb-1999Schrodinger's uncertainty principle? - Lilies can be paintedNityananda, R.Resonance, 1999, Feb. Vol.4, p24-26
30-Dec-1949Science Academy-The Times of India, 30th December, 1949
1947Science academy for India : Sir C.V. Raman welcomes decision-The Hindustan Times, 1947
1934Science Academy for India: need for securing all-round support - Congress committee's scheme criticised--
24-Oct-1946Science alone is not enough : Sir C V Raman pleads-The Mail, 24th October, 1946
18-Jan-1948Science and culture : Sir C .V.Raman's address--
18-Dec-1943Science and culture : Sir C V Raman's address--
30-Dec-1954Science and Engineering: Scienec is not for destruction but for the benefit of humanity-Samyukta Karnataka, 30th December, 1954
1970Science and Industry: Sir C.V. Raman 's lecture at Bangalore - scientists' part in national reconstruction--
15-Apr-1940Science and industry: Sir C.V. Raman's appeal - Swadeshi exhibition at Trichur--
29-Oct-1950Science and nature-The Pioneer, 29th October, 1950
25-Jul-1934Science and nature: new concepts of matter-Sir C.V.Raman's lecture-The Hindu, 25th July, 1934
25-Jul-1936Science and nature: new concepts of matter-Sir C.V.Raman's lecture-The Hindu, 25th July, 1936
28-Dec-1947Science and needs of comman man : Sir C V Raman on duty of research workers--
31-Dec-1951Science and service--
1991Science and societal disastersPal, YashZaheer Science Foundation Lecture, 1991.