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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Jul-1971Rotation of neutron polarisation in helical magnetic structuresNityananda, R.; Ramaseshan, S.Solid State Communications, 1971, Vol. 9, p1003
May-2013Rotational rectification of an alternating magnetic fieldKumar, N.Resonance, 2013, Vol.18, p 458
Nov-1992Rotational viscosity in the ferroelectric C* phase - A high pressure studyKhened, S.M.; Krishna Prasad, S.; Raja, V.N.; Chandrasekhar, S.; Shivkumar, B.Recent Trends in High Pressure Research: Proceedings of the Xiii Airapt International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology 7-11 October 1991, World Scientific, 1992, p526-528
1954The rotatory dispersion of benzilChandrasekhar, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 1954, Vol.39, p243-253
Sep-1993The RRI 10.4m millimeter-wave telescopeSridharan, T.K.Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 1993, Vol.21, p339-345
2011RRI Digital repository as a tool to support scholarly researchBenegal, Vrinda J.; Sheshadri, GeethaRRI In-House Meet, 2011
5-Jul-2013RRI in and around, Album - 1-Photo Gallery
25-Jul-2013RRI in and around, Album - 2--
2-Mar-2001RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2001 (Album - 1)-RRI In-House meeting, 2-3 March 2001
2-Mar-2001RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2001 (Album - 2)-RRI In-House meeting, 2-3 March 2001
2-Mar-2002RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2002-RRI In-House meeting, 1-2 March 2002
2-Mar-2003RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2003-RRI In-House meeting, 2-3 March 2003
19-Mar-2004RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2004 (Album - 1)--
19-Mar-2004RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2004 (Album - 2)--
20-Mar-2004RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2004 (Album - 3)--
Dec-2015RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2011 (Album - 1)-RRI In-House meeting - 2011
2011RRI library and NKRC consortiaManjunath, M.; Kaddipujar, ManjunathRRI In-House Meet, 2011
20-Aug-2013RRI takes first step to view birth of universe-The New The Indian Express, 20th August 2013
Jan-2013RRI-GBT multi-band receiver: motivation, design, and developmentMaan, Yogesh; Deshpande, A.A.; Chandrashekar, V.; Chennamangalam, J.; Rao, B.K.R.; Somashekar, R.; Anderson, Gray; Ezhilarasi, M.S.; Sujatha, S.; Kasturi, S.; Sandhya, P.; Bauserman, Jonah; Duraichelvan, R.; Amiri, Shahram; Aswathappa, H.A.; Barve, Indrajit V.; Sarabagopalan, G.; Ananda, H.M.; Dhamnekar, D.B.; Raja, Wasim; Sahasrabudhe, Harshad; Srivani, K.S.; Venugopal, H.V.; Viswanathan, S.T.; +8 Co-authorsAstrophysical Journal Supplement, 2013, Vol.204, p1
Feb-2012RRL observations using ORT at 328 MHz and WSRT at 1.4 GHz from EldwimBaddi, Raju R.Astronomical Journal, 2012, Vol.143, p45