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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
13-Jan-2010Reply to "Comment on `Elastic constants from microscopic strain fluctuations"Sengupta, S.; Nielaba, Peter; Rao, Madan; Binder, K.Physical Review E, 2010, Vol.81, p013102
1988Reply to - Weak localization in two and three dimensions: dephasing by zero-point motionKumar, N.; David, V.B.; Richter, R.; Strom-Olsen, J.O.Physical Review Letters, 1988, Vol. 60, p1987
1992A report on the Panel discussion - Closing Comments: TheoryShukre, C.S.IAU Colloquium, 1992, Vol.128, p412
1997Report on the workshop on gravitational wavesIyer, B.R.; Kokkotas, K.D.Gravitation and cosmology. Proceedings of the ICGC-95 conference, held at IUCAA Pune, 1995. Ed. S Dhurandhar & T Padmanabhan, Kluwer, 1997, p261-278
1978Repulsion parameters of ions and radicals-application to perovskite structuresNarayan, R.; Ramaseshan, S.Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1978, Vol, 39, p1287
27-Nov-1942Research in basic sciences : Sir C V Raman on its importance. Address at Madras convocation. Craze for foreign degrees deplored-The Hindu, 27th November, 1942
3-Jan-1938Research in India: Comparision with Britain - Late Lord Rutherford's analysis.-The Hindu, 3rd January, 1938
17-Oct-1947Research in Medicine : Sir C V Raman's call to doctors at conference in Coimbatore-The Hindu, 17th October, 1947
5-Apr-1949Research in nuclear physics: governments aid to universities--
10-Mar-1949Research in ophthalmology formation of institute urged--
26-Dec-1961Research in optics : Alkali Halides' behaviour - C V Raman's findings--
18-Oct-1959Research in science : role of industrial progress--
6-Aug-1936Research in science- obstacles to progress : Sir C.V. Raman's address -utilitarian outlook deprecated-The Hindu, 6th August, 1936
24-Jun-1956Research in science: Factor of cost in IndiaHaldane, J.B.S.The Hindu, 24th June, 1956
30-Dec-1949Research keynote of progress in dynamic world: Governor's address at Indian Academy of Sciences-The Times of India, 30th December, 1949
20-Feb-1988Research with style: The story of Raman's study of light scatteringRamaseshan, S.Current Science, 1988, Vol. 57, p163-171.
30-May-1948Research work at Bangalore : World scientists appreciation, Sir C V Raman on his Europoean tour-The Hindu, 30th May, 1948
Jan-2013ResearcherID: An unique identifierAngadi, ManjunathMonthly Presentations
10-Apr-1936Researches in science: Sir C V. Raman's appeal - easter session at Bangalore--
1970Researches in science: Sir C.V. Raman's appeal-easter session at Bangalore--