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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1911Remarks on a paper by J. S. Stokes on some curious phenomena observed in connection with Melde's experimentRaman, C.V.Physical Review, 1911, Vol.32, p307-308
26-Nov-1988Remembering RamanRamachandran, R.Frontline, 1988, Vol.5, No.24, p90
7-Nov-2013Remembering Sir CV RamanNarayanan, S.Indian Express, 7th Nov. 2013
30-Jan-2017Remembrance meeting of Prof. M.G.K. Menon-Remembrance meeting of Prof. M.G.K. Menon, 30 January 2017
30-Jan-2017Remembrance meeting of Prof. M.G.K. Menon held at RRI auditorium Part-1-Remembrance meeting of Prof. M.G.K. Menon, 30 January 2017
30-Jan-2017Remembrance meeting of Prof. M.G.K. Menon held at RRI auditorium Part-2-Remembrance meeting of Prof. M.G.K. Menon, 30 January 2017
1996Reminiscences and discoveries: Dorothy Hodgkin and the Indian connectionRamaseshan, S.Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London,1996, Vol. 50, p115
5-May-1983Reminiscences on genetics: From Mendelism to recombinant DNAPontecorvo, G.Current Science, 1983, Vol.52, p383-390
30-Jan-1983Reminiscences on genetics: from Mendelism to recombinant DNAPontecorvo, G.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 30 January 1983
Dec-2011Reminiscing RadUdaya Shankar, N.Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 2011, Vol.32, p615
2000Remote measurment of pressure, temperature and relative humidityRoopa, P.; Srividya, B.V.; Uma Maheshwari, R.B.E. Project report, 2000
1991Remote sensing for sustainable developmentRao, U.R.Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing at Madras on December 11, 1991.
2-Aug-1952Renaissance of culture: Dr. C. V. Raman's appeal--
13-Jan-2010Reply to "Comment on `Elastic constants from microscopic strain fluctuations"Sengupta, S.; Nielaba, Peter; Rao, Madan; Binder, K.Physical Review E, 2010, Vol.81, p013102
1988Reply to - Weak localization in two and three dimensions: dephasing by zero-point motionKumar, N.; David, V.B.; Richter, R.; Strom-Olsen, J.O.Physical Review Letters, 1988, Vol. 60, p1987
1992A report on the Panel discussion - Closing Comments: TheoryShukre, C.S.IAU Colloquium, 1992, Vol.128, p412
1997Report on the workshop on gravitational wavesIyer, B.R.; Kokkotas, K.D.Gravitation and cosmology. Proceedings of the ICGC-95 conference, held at IUCAA Pune, 1995. Ed. S Dhurandhar & T Padmanabhan, Kluwer, 1997, p261-278
1978Repulsion parameters of ions and radicals-application to perovskite structuresNarayan, R.; Ramaseshan, S.Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1978, Vol, 39, p1287
27-Nov-1942Research in basic sciences : Sir C V Raman on its importance. Address at Madras convocation. Craze for foreign degrees deplored-The Hindu, 27th November, 1942
3-Jan-1938Research in India: Comparision with Britain - Late Lord Rutherford's analysis.-The Hindu, 3rd January, 1938