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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
20-Dec-1965Raman explodes colour myth-The Indian Express, 20th December, 1965
30-Nov-2012Raman in the Lab-Photo Gallery
22-Feb-1949Raman is a yogi-The National Herald, 22nd February, 1949
28-May-1970Raman is an Adjective-The Illustrated Weekly of India, 28th May 1970
1970Raman joins the immortalsNarasimhan, V.K.-
5-Feb-1949Raman on 'Amazing' structure and qualities of diamonds.They are an invaluable requisite of industry he says at reception by city merchants-The Bombay Chronicle, 5th February, 1949
10-Sep-1978Raman Parinamada Suvarna Mahotsava-Prajamata, 10th September 1978, p23
3-Feb-1949Raman postpones U S lecture tour : busy with starting research institute-The National Standard, 3rd February, 1949
3-Feb-1949Raman postpones visit to U.S.-The Bombay Chronicle, 3rd February, 1949
17-Feb-1963Raman receives Czech science award-The Deccan Herald, 27th February, 1963
1991Raman RejoinderRadhakrishnan, V.Current Science, 1991, Vol.60, p338
1991Raman RejoinderRadhakrishnan, V.Nature, 1991, Vol.350, p183
30-Nov-2011Raman Research Institute archivesBenegal, Vrinda J.Monthly Presentations
3-Feb-1949Raman Research Institute at Bangalore : Sir C V Raman's venture-The Times of India, 3rd February, 1949
Aug-2013Raman Research Institute in mission to explore formation of early stars-Business Line, 20th Aug.2013
16-Mar-1953The Raman Research Institute.Ramaseshan, S.The Hindu, 16th March, 1953
Dec-2012Raman researchers set a trap to cool Ions-Laser Live, 2012, Vol.1
15-Dec-1988Raman Saga-Bhavan's Journal, 1988, Vol.35, No.9, p47-70
21-Nov-1997The Raman saga-Deccan Herald, 21st Nov. 1997
16-Sep-2012Raman son dead-The Telegraph, Calcutta Wednesday , May 16 , 2012