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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
21-Mar-1950Raman's latest discovery: Double refraction of a new type-The Indian Express, 21st March, 1950
27-Dec-1964Raman's new theory on light and vision-The Deccan Herald, 27th December, 1964
30-May-1948Raman's researches on Diamonds-The Hindustan Times, 30th May, 1948
30-Nov-2012Raman's Visits, Album - 1-Photo Gallery
30-Nov-2012Raman's Visits, Album - 2-Photo Gallery
7-Nov-2015Raman, his research institute and his many hobbiesKulkarni, PavanCitizen Matters,07 Nov 2015
1930Raman, Indian, wins Nobel Prize for Physics; Hans Fischer, German gets Chemistry award-Associated Press, 1930
10-Jan-2004Ramaseshan and the Raman legacySrinivasan, G.Current Science, 2004, Vol. 86, p224-226.
10-Jan-2004Ramaseshan and the Raman legacySrinivasan, G.Current Science, 2004, Vol.86, p224
Aug-1988Ramifications of Raman effectSubramanian, C.K.Vijnana Parichaya, 1988, Vol.10, No.3, p1-4
Jun-1988Ramifications of Raman EffectSubramanian, C KVijnana Parichaya, June/August 1988, Vol.10 , p 1-4
Dec-2004Random amplifying medium: Levy lasingSharma, Divya; Ramachandran, Hema; Kumar, N.Photonics-2004: Proceedings of the 7th international conference on optoelectronics, fiber optics and photonics held at Cochin, December, 2004, p328
Mar-2001Random amplifying medium: statistics of super-reflectance and time-delay fluctuationsKumar, N.Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 2001, Vol.9, p356-361
1985A Random walk in relativity and cosmology: essays in honour of P.C. Vaidaya and A.K. RaychaudhuriDadhich, N; Krishna Rao, J; Narlikar, J.V; Vishveshwara, C.VNew Delhi, Wiley Eastern Ltd, 1985
Nov-2015Random walk with random resetting to the maximum position.Majumdar, Satya N.; Sabhapandit, Sanjib; Schehr, GregoryPhysical Review E, 2015, Vol 92, p052126
14-Sep-2007Random-phase reservoir and a quantum resistor: The Lloyd modelRoy, Dibyendu; Kumar, N.Physical Review B, 2007, Vol.76, 092202
Apr-2011Randomly polarised smectic A phase exhibited by bent-core molecules: experimental and theoretical studiesGupta, Meenal; Datta, Soma; Radhika, S.; Sadashiva, B.K.; Roy, ArunSoft Matter, 2011, Vol.7, p4735
16-May-2016Ranjini Bandyopadhyay speaks at @ G7 Minister's meeting, Tsukuba, Japan May 16Bandyopadhyay, RanjiniTsukuba Communiqué , G7 Science and Technology Ministers’ Meeting in Tsukuba, Ibaraki 15 ‐ 17 May 2016
Apr-1996Rao and Sengupta ReplyRao, Madan; Sengupta, SurajitPhysical Review Letters, 1996, Vol.76, p3235
1964Rapid alignment of crystals in x-ray camerasRamaswamy, S.; Ramaseshan, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 1964, Vol. 60, p115