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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Dec-1999 Book review of "Introduction to special theory of relativity" by Somnath DattaSinha, SukanyaResonance, 1999, Dec. Vol.4, p106-108.
1995 Book review of “The guide to the galaxy" by N Henbest and H CouperRadhakrishnan, V.Current Science, 1995, Vol.69, p189
12-Dec-1948 Books in Brief : Book review of Aspects of Science by Sir C V Raman-The Hindu, 1948
1970 Books that have influenced meRaman, C.V.-
1947 Books that have influenced meRaman, C.V.Symposium on books that have influenced me, 1947, G. A. Natesan & Co. Madras
15-Sep-1984 A bootstrap resampling analysis of galaxy clustering.Barrow, J.D.; Bhavsar, S.P.; Sonoda, D.H.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1984, Vol.210, p19-23
8-Apr-1948 Bordeaux doctorate for Sir C V Raman--
4-Nov-1988 Borderless Science: the need , the challenge and the way aheadMashelkar, R.A.Convocation address III, 1988
Sep-2011 Born Rule(s)Sinha, UrbasiAIP Conference Proceedings, 2011, Vol.1384, p254-260
25-Jul-1997 Bose condensation and the atom laserSrinivasan, R.Current Science, 1997, Vol. 73, p105-107.
Apr-2000 Bose-Einstein condensation : Birds of a feather flock togetherNityananda, R.Resonance, 2000, Vol. 5, April, p46-51,
25-Sep-1995 Bose-Einstein condensation in a dilute atomic vapourKumar, N.Current Science, 1995, Vol. 69, p492-493.
25-Dec-2005 Bose–Einstein condensation: Where many become one and so there is plenty of room at the bottomKumar, N.Current Science, 2005, Vol.89, p2093-2100
18-Jun-2006 Bosonic stimulation as a natural realization of the Pólya urn problemKumar, N.; Srikanth, R.Physics Letters A, 2006, Vol.359, p281-284
Mar-2013 Boundary term contribution to the volume of a small causal diamondKhetrapal, Surbhi; Surya, SumatiClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2013, Vol.30, p 065005
1996 Bounds on the decay of the auto-correlation in phase ordering dynamicsYeung, Chuck; Rao, Madan; Desai, RashmiPhysical Review E, 1996, V.53, p3073
1993 The bridge between discovery and market placeGanguly, AshokNCL Foundation Day Lecture-2
Jun-1995 Bright rimmed molecular clouds near massive starsIndrani, C.; Sridharan, T.K.Journal of the Astrophysics and Astronomy, 1995, Vol.16, Supplement, p277
May-2009 Bright visible emission from carbon nanotubes spatially constrained on a micro-bubbleRamanandan, Gopika; Dharmadhikari, A.K.; Dharmadhikari, J.A.; Ramachandran, Hema; Mathur, DeepakOptics Express, 2009, Vol. 17, p9614
1973 Brillouin scattering by phonons renormalized by two-magnon excitations in ferromagnetic dielectricsKrishnasamy, L.; Kumar, N.Physica Status Solidi B, 1973, Vol.60, p539
Showing results 392 to 411 of 5938
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