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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1988 Black holes: a slanted overviewVishveshwara, C.V.Proceedings of the international conference on gravitation & cosmology, Goa, 1987. Highlights in gravitation & cosmology. Eds. B R Iyer et al. CUP, 1988, p312-326
1991 Black holes, bubbles and radiation: An excursion into higher dimensionVishveshwara, C.V.Frontier papers - Essays in honour of Jayme Tiomno. Eds. S McDowell et al. World Scientific, 1991, p269-280
1980 Black holes for bedtimeVishveshwara, C.V.Gravitation, Quanta and the Universe; proceedings of the Einstein Centenary Symposium held January 29 - February 3, 1979, in Ahmedabad, India. Eds. A. R. Prasanna, J. V. Narlikar, and C. V. Vishveshwara. A Halsted Press Book, published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1980, p154-167
1999 Black holes, gravitational radiation and the universeIyer, B.R. Ed.; Bhawal, B. Ed.Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers ,1999
Jan-1987 Black hole thermodynamicsIyer, B.R.Proceedings of the south zone winter school on general relativity & cosmology, Ed. A N Maheshwari, Regional College of Education, Mysore, 1987, p351
1989 Black hole thermodynamics and Hawking radiationIyer, B.R.Gravitation, gauge theories and the early universe - lectures from a special UGC instructional conference. Eds. B R Iyer et al. Kluwer, 1989, p43-49
Jan-1999 Black plastic sandwiches demonstrating biaxial optical anisotropyBerry, M.; Bhandari, R.; Klein, SusanneEuropean Journal of Physics, 1999, Vol.20, p1-14
1-Aug-1952 Blind religious beliefs must go: Mysore minister tells Mythic Society-The Deccan Herald, 1952
25-Sep-2000 Bloch Walls and Macroscopic String States in Bethe's Solution of the Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Linear ChainDhar, Abhishek; Shastry, Sriram B.Physical Review Letters, 2000, Vol.85, 2813-2816
2000 Blocking of inter-subspace tunneling by intra sub-space inelastic scatteringPareek, T.P.; Jayannavar, A.M.; Kumar, N.Indian Journal of Physics A, 2000, Vol.74, p413-415
1969 Blue delphiniums and the purple bignoniaRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1969, Vol.38, p553-554
Bombay's great science future: prophecy by Sir C.V.Raman--
May-2014 Bonding effect of plasma-irradiated PET films can be preserved after soaking in various liquid reagentsYokura, Miyoshi; Uehara, Kenichi; Hanada, Kazuya; Philip, Reji; +7 Co-authorsJapanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, Vol.53, p05FB21
10-May-2013 Book review of Beyond the Stars. Our Origins and the Search for Life in the Universe. Paolo SaracenoNath, Biman B.Current Science, 2013, Vol. 104, p1231
25-Oct-2000 Book review of “Computational physics: An introduction” by R. C. Verma, et al.Iyer, B.R.; Madhusudana, H.R.Current Science, 2000, Vol. 79, p1113-1114.
1998 Book review of 'From Galileo to Einstein'Ranganath, G.S.Resonance, 1998, Vol.3, p92
25-Jun-1998 Book review of `Galileo, Newton, Halley and Einstein in 90 minutes' by John and Mary GribbinRanganath, G.S.Current Science, 1998, Vol.74, p1110-1111.
25-Sep-2013 Book review of Henri Poincare : A Scientific Biography by . Jeremy GraySinha, SupurnaCurrent Science, 2013, Vol. 105, p847-848
Dec-1999 Book review of "Introduction to special theory of relativity" by Somnath DattaSinha, SukanyaResonance, 1999, Dec. Vol.4, p106-108.
1995 Book review of “The guide to the galaxy" by N Henbest and H CouperRadhakrishnan, V.Current Science, 1995, Vol.69, p189
Showing results 374 to 393 of 5938
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