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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Aug-1999 On the different radio source populations in the Butcher-Oemler clusters Abell 2125 and 2645Dwarakanath, K.S.; Owen, F.N.The Astronomical Journal, 1999, Vol.118, p.625-632
Apr-1919 On the Diffraction-Figures Due to An Elliptic ApertureRaman, C.V.Physical Review, 1919, Vol.13, p259-260
1925 On the diffraction of light by spherical obstaclesRaman, C.V.; Krishnan, K.S.Proceedings of the Physical Society of London, 1925, Vol.38, p350-353
17-Nov-2011 On the discovery of heliumNath, Biman B.Desh, 2011 p.39
May-1978 On the Effect of Motions on Energy Momentum TensorsHoenselaers, C.Progress of Theoretical Physics, 1978, Vol.59, p1518-1521
1998 On the elastic and dynamical properties of biaxial liquid crystals.Sukumaran, SreejithPh.D. Thesis, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1998.
27-Dec-1973 On the electronic contribution to the surface energy of metalsSrinivasan, G.; Jonson, M.Solid State Communications,1974, Vol.15, p.771
Nov-1997 On the enrichment of the intergalactic medium by galactic windsNath, Biman B.; Trentham, NeilMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1997, Vol.291, p505
Feb-1989 On the explosive origin hypothesis for present-day cosmic voids and peculiar velocitiesNath, Biman B.; Eichler, D.Astrophysical Journal,1989,Vol.337,p1
Sep-2005 On the Fractal Structure of Solar SupergranulationPaniveni, U.; Krishan, Vinod; Singh, J.S.; Srikanth, R.Solar Physics, 2005, Vol.231, p1-10
1995 On the fraction of pulsars recycled in binary systemsDeshpande, A.A.; Ramachandran, R.; Srinivasan, G.Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 1995, Vol.23, p475
Jun-2009 On the gamma ray burst origin of extremely energetic cosmic raysGupta, NayantaraAstroparticle Physics, 2009, Vol.31, p359
2003 On the geometry and mass of static, asymptotically ads spacetimes, and the uniqueness of the ads solitonGalloway, G.J.; Surya, Sumati; Woolgar, E.Communications in Mathematical Physics,, 2003, Voll.241, Issue 1, p. 1-25
5-Apr-1986 On the implication of the recently discovered 5 millisecond binary pulsar PSR 1855+09Bhattacharya, D.; Srinivasan, G.Current Science, 1986, Vol. 55, p327-330.
20-Jun-1982 On the implications of the radio and x-ray pulsar in the supernova remnant MSH 15-52Srinivasan, G.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Radhakrishnan, V.Current Science, 1982, Vol. 51, p596-599.
20-Mar-1989 On the implications of the submillisecond pulsar in Supernova 1987ABhattacharya, D.; Srinivasan, G.Current Science, 1989, Vol. 58, p280-286.
17-Mar-2004 On the Indian mission to the MoonNath, Biman B.Desh, 17 May 2004
Mar-1996 On the interpretation of the HeII absorption in the line of sight of Q0302-003Nath, Biman B.; Sethi, S.K.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1996, Vol.279, p275
Mar-1987 On the interpretation of the observed angular-size-flux-density relation for extragalactic radio sourcesKapahi, V.K.; Subrahmanya, C.R.; Kulkarni, V.K.Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 1987, Vol. 8, p33
1952 On the iridescence of potassium chlorate crystals. Part III: Some general observationsRaman, C.V.; Krishnamurti, D.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-A, 1952, Vol.36, p330-334
Showing results 3562 to 3581 of 5938
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