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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
19-Apr-1955A man of epoch-making ideas - Dr. C.V. Raman's tribute-The Hindu, 19th April 1955
20-Apr-1961Manned space flight : Dr. C V Raman's abhorrence-The Hindu, 20th April 1961
1958A manual of instructions for the successful operationRadhakrishnan, V.Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden
5-Feb-1949Many diamond mines to unearth : Dr. Raman's call-The Free Press, 5th February 1949
1977The many uses of compositesRamaseshan, S.; Balasubramanian, N.Science Today, 1977, p13
2012Maps of TimeSrinivasan, G.Think, 2012
6-Aug-1937Marconi commemoration: great scientist who had also qualities of businessman -Sir C.V. Raman's tributes at Bangalore gathering--
1929Marvels of magnetism: charcoal & diamond - Prof. C.V. Raman's researches-The Hindustan Times, 1929
1929Marvels of magnetism: Dr. Raman - behaviour of organic crystalsRaman, C.V.The Basumati
Apr-2009Massive black-hole binary inspirals: results from the LISA parameter estimation taskforceArun, K.G.; Babak, Stas; Berti, Emanuele; Cornish, Neil; Cutler, Curt; Hughes, S.A.; Iyer, B.R.; Sinha, Siddhartha; +8 Co-authorsClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2009, Vol.26, p094027
2006Master relation defines the nonlinear viscoelasticity of single fibroblastsFernandez, Pablo; Pullarkat, Pramod A.; Ott, AlbrechtBiophysical Journal, 2006, Vol.90, p3796–3805
Apr-1982Materials processing in space - A brief reviewRamaseshan, S.Bulletin of Materials Science, 1982, Vol. 4, p53-73.
Apr-1982Materials processing in space: a brief reviewRamaseshan, S.Bulletin of Materials Science, 1982, Vol. 4, p53-73
25-Aug-1992Materials with negative Poisson's ratioRanganath, G.S.Current Science, 1992, Vol. 63, p160-162.
27-Dec-1949Mathematical research: Task before the universities - Sir C. V. Raman's appeal-The Hindu, 27th December 1949
Sep-2014Mathematics In-forms physics and physics per-forms mathematics: CommentsKumar, N.Book Chapter 1, from Nature's Longest Threads New Frontiers in the Mathematics and Physics of Information in Biology Page 1 Edited by Janaki Balakrishnan & B V Sreekantan,
26-Dec-1949Mathematics must become central part of studies: Dr. C.V.Raman's plea at All-India conference.-The Indian Express, 26th December 1949
21-Apr-1937Mathematics vital for scientists : C V Raman's stress on teachers' role--
25-Oct-1991A matter of phenomenologyMadhusudana, N.V.Current Science, 1991, Vol. 61, p497-498.
1928Matteucci Medal awarded to Dr. Raman - India's pride: highest honour by Italian Society of Science--