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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1982M.K. Vainu Bappu (1927-1982)Radhakrishnan, V.Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 1982, Vol.3, p217-218
May-2013Macrorealism from entropic Leggett-Garg inequalitiesUsha Devi, A.R.; Karhik, H.S.; Sudha; Rajagopal, A.K.Physical Review A, 2013, Vol.87, p052103
Feb-1988Macroscopic approach to multichannel disordered conductorsMello, P.A.; Pereyra, P.; Kumar, N.Annals of Physics, 1988, Vol. 181, p290
1970Madras Library Association: annual gathering - Lord Erskine's speech--
28-Dec-1960Madras university to institute Raman chair in sciences-The Madras Mail, 28th December 1960
1996The magic of light - A vision of nature in all her coloursRanganath, G.S.Resonance, 1996, Vol.1, p73
Mar-1980Magnetic and electric birefringence in the isotropic phase of a nematic of large positive dielectric anisotropyRatna, B.R.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1980, Vol.58, p205-210
1973Magnetic and electric birefringence in the isotropic phase of nematic liquid crystalsMadhusudana, N.V.; Chandrasekhar, S.Pramana, 1973, Vol. 1, p12 -20.
Nov-1991Magnetic and electric field induced bistability in nematics and cholestericsKini, U.D.Liquid Crystals, 1991, Vol.10, p597 - 621
1995Magnetic and electric field induced periodic deformations in nematicsKini, U.D.Journal de Physique II, 1995, Vol.5, p1841-1861
Jan-1998Magnetic and electric field induced periodic deformations in planar oriented nematicsKini, U.D.Liquid Crystals, 1998, Vol.24, p177 - 199
Dec-1996Magnetic and spin evolution of pulsarsJahan Miri, M.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1996, Vol.283, p1214 -1226
1991Magnetic and thermal hysteresis in the O(N)-symmetric (Φ2)3 modelRao, Madan; Pandit, RahulPhysical Review B, 1991, Vol.43, p3373
1927The magnetic anisotropy of crystalline nitrates and, carbonatesKrishnan, K.S.; Raman, C.V.Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, 1927, Vol.115, p549-554
1929Magnetic behaviour of organic crystalsRaman, C.V.Nature, 1929, Vol.123, p605
Nov-2011Magnetic birefringence of liquid crystalSenthil Raja, S.VSP Project report, 2011
1927Magnetic double refractionRaman, C.V.; Ramakrishna Rao, J.Nature, 1927, Vol.119, p528
1927Magnetic double refraction in liquids, Part I: Benzene and its derivativesRaman, C.V.; Krishnan, K.S.Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, 1927, Vol.113, p511-519
15-Jul-1994Magnetic evolution of neutron stars in wide low-mass binary systemsJahan Miri, M.; Bhattacharya, D.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1994, Vol.269, p455-461
Jun-1973Magnetic field due to the self-gravity-induced electric polarization of a rotating massive bodyKumar, N.; Nandini, R.Physical Review D, 1973, Vol. 7, p3586