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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Apr-2012 Measurements of a cryogenic linear polarization modulator for mm-wavelengthsGault, A.C.; Bierman, E.M; Hyland, P.O.; Keating, B.G; Malu, S.S.; Timbie, P.T.IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 2012, Vol. 22, p212-214
Apr-1995 Measurements of pitch of a ferroelectric liquid crystal at high pressuresNair, Geetha G.; Krishna Prasad, S.; Chandrasekhar, S.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1995, Vol.263 ,p311-323
Oct-1963 Measurements of the linear polarization of radio sources at 18-cm wavelength.Morris, D.; Radhakrishnan, V.; Seielstad, G.A.Astrophysical Journal, 1963, Vol.68, p543
Apr-1968 Measurements on the period of the pulsating radio source at 1919 + 21Radhakrishnan, V.; Komesaroff, M.M.; Cooke, D.J.Nature, 1968, Vol.218, p229-230
Jun-2012 A measure of non-Gaussianity for quantum statesIvan, J. Solomon; Sanjay Kumar, M.; Simon, R.Quantum information processing, 2012, Vol.11, p853-872
Jun-2004 Measuring the general relativistic curvature of wavefrontsSamuel, J.Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2004, Vol.21, pL83-L88
2007 Mechanical Properties of AxonsBernal, Roberto; Pullarkat, Pramod A.; Melo, FranciscoPhysical Review Letters, 2007, Vol.99, p018301-1
16-Feb-2009 Mechanical properties of Langmuir−Blodgett films of a discogen−DNA complex by atomic force microscopyNayak, Alpana; Suresh, K.A.The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2009, Vol. 113(12), p3669-3675
3-Sep-2013 Mechanical switch for state transfer in dual-cavity optomechanical systemsSainadh, Satya U.; Narayanan, AndalPhysical Review A, 2013, Vol.88, p033802
13-Nov-1939 Mechanism of thinking: Mathematics as aid to research. Sir C.V. Raman's appeal--
Feb-2009 Mechanogenetic coupling of hydra symmetry breaking and driven Turing instability modelSoriano, Jordi; Rudiger, Sten; Pullarkat, Pramod A.; Ott, AlbrechtBiophysical Journal, 2009, Vol.96, p1649
1-Oct-1954 Medical men and politics: Dr. C. V. Raman's views - Address to Mysore State Conferece-The Hindu, 1st October 1954
5-Jan-1995 Medicine and ethicsAntia, N.H.7th Shri. B. V. Narayana Reddy Memorial Lecture, 1995
5-Oct-1988 Medicine, science and humanismSethi, P.K.Current Science, 1988, Vol.57, p1037-1045
Mar-2008 Medieval mistakeNath, Biman B.Frontline, 2008, Vol.25(6), March 15-28, p100
17-Aug-1958 A memento to C V Raman : Rare flint weapon-The Deccan Herald, 17th August 1958
11-Dec-1977 Memories of a great scientist-Deccan Herald, 11th Dec. 1977
31-Dec-1952 Mercury prodeuced from gold: Presented to Dr. C. V. Raman--
Sep-2006 Merging of a massive binary due to ejection of bound starsZier, C.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2006, Vol.371, pL36-L40
15-Jun-2007 Merging of a massive binary due to ejection of bound stars - IIZier, C.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2007, Vol. 378, p1309
Showing results 2612 to 2631 of 5521
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