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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1931India's debt to FaradayRaman, C.V.Nature, 1931, Vol.128, p362-364
18-Apr-1937India's economic development- need for leadership and planning: Sir C.V.Raman on scientists role-The Hindu, 18th April 1937
3-Jan-1938India's fine record: Contribution to science - Sir J. Jean's tribute - Viceroy opens Science Congress-The Hindu, 3rd January 1938
26-Feb-1951India's great heritage: Sir C. V. Raman's plea - USIS exihibition of books opened-The Mail, 26th February 1951
1931India's industrial progress: Sir C.V. Raman's views - Nobel laurerate entertained--
19-Apr-1937India's need to-day-give someone a free hand--The Madras Mail, 19th April 1937
23-Dec-1938India's power resources: Utilisation of charcoal - Mr. S.V. Kamesam's lecture-The Hindu, 23rd December 1938
25-Oct-1942India's scientist geniusRamadurai, R.The Free India, 25th October 1942
1970Indian Science Academy: iridescent shells - Sir C.V. Raman's address--
3-Jan-1929Indian Science Congress : Opening day - Lord Goschen's address--
Feb-2010Indian - born Nobel LaureatesRadhakrishna, B.P.Journal of the Geological Society of India, 2010, Vol.75, p347
Dec-1944The Indian Academy of SciencesRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1944, Vol. 13, p295-296
30-Dec-1949Indian Academy of Sciences-Vishwamitra, 30th December 1949
23-Dec-1946Indian Academy of Sciences--
1935Indian Academy of Sciences--
29-Dec-1940Indian Academy of sciences : Sixth session meets at Vizag, Sir C V Raman on research work--
26-Dec-1942Indian Academy of Sciences ; Sir C V Raman 's Presidential address at eighth annaul meeting of Indian Academy of Sciences.--
20-Dec-1938Indian Academy of Sciences Meets--
1935The Indian Academy of Sciences was inaugurated in Bombay--
30-Nov-2012Indian Academy of Sciences, Album - 1-Photo Gallery