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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
20-Dec-1938Indian Academy of Sciences, Fourth Annual Session--
1937Indian Academy of Sciences, Second Annual Session--
8-Apr-1944Indian Academy of Sciences: C.V. Raman on triumph of optical science--
11-Jan-1937Indian Academy of Sciences: Conference at Bangalore - Sir C.V. Raman's address--
1934Indian Academy of Sciences: election of Fellows--
1935Indian Academy of Sciences: first annual meeting-Sir C.V.Raman's appeal for funds--
17-Jan-1937The Indian Academy of Sciences: Meeting at Bangalore-The Herald, 17th January 1937
22-Dec-1938Indian Academy of Sciences: Premier's tribute - Dr. Sahni's appeal for encouragement--
4-May-1934Indian Academy of Sciences: programme of work--
29-Dec-1949Indian Academy of Sciences: Raman Research Institute-The Times of India, 29th December 1949
22-Sep-1934Indian Academy of Sciences: Sir C.V. Raman's appeal--
1937Indian Academy of Sciences: Sir M. Visveswarayya's address.--
28-Dec-1954Indian Academy of Sciences: The Annual Meet comes to an end-Samyukta Karnataka, 28th December 1954
1981Indian Airlines Vayudoot NetworksDhawan, S.-
2007Indian consortia models: FORSA libraries' experiencesPatil, Y.M.; Birdie, Christina; Bawdekar, Nirupama; Barve, Sunita; Anilkumar, NishthaLibrary and information services in astronomy V. ASP conference series Vol. 377. Eds. S Ricketts et al. p405
25-Dec-1936Indian institute gymkhana: Memoranda to governing council-The Indian Express, 25th December 1936
20-Jul-1936The Indian institute of sciece.-The Madras Mail, 20th July 1936
28-Nov-1936The Indian institute of science--
7-Sep-1936The Indian institute of science--
23-Jul-1937Indian Institute of Science-The Herald, 23rd July 1937