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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1956 Generalized theory of interference and its applications. Part 2: Partially coherent pencilsPancharatnam, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 44, 398, 1956
1957 Generalized theory of interference and its applications. Part 3: Interference figures in transparent crystalsPancharatnam, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 45, 402, 1957
1957 Generalizedtheory of interference and its applications. Part 4: Interference figures in absorbing biaxial crystalsPancharatnam, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 46,1,1957
1955 A generalized theory of the Christiansen experimentRaman, C.V.; Viswanathan, K.S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-A, 1955, Vol.41, p55-60
1996 General properties of giant radio galaxiesKlein, C.; Mack, K.H.; Saripalli, LakshmiExtragalactic radio sources: proceedings of the 175th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Bologna, Italy, 1995, issue.175, p311
1985 General relativistic aspects of Neutron star modelsIyer, B.R.; Vishveshwara, C.V.A Random Walk through General Relativity & Cosmology. Eds. N. Dadhich et al. Wiley Eastern, 1985, p109-127
1998 A general relativistic calculation of boundary layer and disc luminosity for accreting non-magnetic neutron stars in rapid rotationThampan, Arun V.; Datta, BhaskarMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1998, Vol.297, p570-578
2008 General relativistic rotation effects in pulsar radiationSamuel, J.-
2002 General relativistic spectra from accretion disks around rapidly rotating neutron starsBhattacharyya, Sudip; Bhattacharya, D.; Misra, R.; Thampan, Arun V.ASP Conference Series, 2002, Vol.261, p467
Aug-2001 General relativistic spectra of accretion discs around rapidly rotating neutron stars: effect of light bendingBhattacharyya, Sudip; Bhattacharya, D.; Thampan, Arun V.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2001, Vol.325, p989-994.
2013 General RelativityChetan Krishna, G.SSP Project Report, 2013
1984 General relativity and gravitational collapseVishveshwara, C.V.Proceedings of a workshop on gravitation & relativistic astrophysics, Ahmedabad, 1982, Eds. A R Prasanna et al. World Scientific/Indian Academy of Sciences, 1984, p43-45
6-Jun-1988 General setting for Berry's phaseSamuel, J.; Bhandari, R.Physical Review Letters, 1988, Vol.60, p2339-2342
16-May-2006 General solution for classical sequential growth dynamics of causal setsVaradarajan, Madhavan; Rideout, DavidPhysical Review D, 2006, Vol.73, 104021
Apr-2011 Generating function formula of heat transfer in harmonic networksSaito, Keiji; Dhar, AbhishekPhysical Review E, 2011, Vol.83, p041121
Jun-2012 Generation and distillation of non-Gaussian entanglement from nonclassical photon statisticsIvan, Solomon J.; Mukunda, N.; Simon, R.Quantum information processing, 2012, Vol.11, p873-885
2006 Generation and gravitational waves from inspiralling compact binaries: 3PN luminosity, 2PN linear momentum flux and applicationsQusailah, M.S.S.Ph.D. Thesis, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 2006.
Dec-2013 Generation of bright atomic and molecular solitons in hybrid atom-molecular Bose-Einstein condensates coupled through raman photoassociation.Dastidar, Krishna Rai; Ray, Deb ShankarEuropean Physical Journal D, 2013, Vol.67, p249
May-1994 Generation of gravitational waves: the post-Newtonian spin octupole momentDamour, Thibault; Iyer, B.R.Classical and Quantum Gravity, 1994, Vol.11, p1353-1357
1974 Generation of high magnetic fields using thyristorsNagabhushana, S.; Krishnan, S.; Suryan, G.IEEE Transactions On Industrial Electronics And Control Instrumentation, 1974, Vol.21, p214
Showing results 1776 to 1795 of 5915
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