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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Feb-1987C V Raman and the German ConnectionRamaseshan, S.Science News_Feb. 1987_p33
27-Feb-2014Catch the Raman effect-The Hindu, 27th Feb. 2014
27-Feb-2014Exhibition on life of C V Raman-Deccan Herald, 27th Feb. 2014
1936Future of Bangalore Institute-The Hindustan Times, 1936
20-Nov-1938Government orders to be issued on Irvine committee report: A peep into the affairs of the Indian Institute of Science--
3-Mar-1940Indian Institute of Science: Founder's day celebration--
25-Feb-1938Indian Science Institute: the question of directorship - debate in central assembly--
1938Modifications carried out in Council's Documents- accusations against C.V.Raman: Enquiry Committee set up to look into mismanagament in the Tata Institute.--
3-Jul-1948Progress of Indian Science Institute : Sir Ardeshir Dalal's review--
27-Feb-2014Raman and his mystique: memorabilia in IISc throw light on nobel laureate's lifeKalkod, RajivTimes of India , 27th Feb 2014
12-Jun-1937Sir C.V. Raman's resignation-Commerce, 12th June, 1937
1937Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman. N. L.: Child in mind and giant in brain--
1937Sound waves: Sir C.V. Raman on his experiments - Russian scientists' work--
23-Oct-1937The spectroscopic room at the physics laboratory of the Indian Institute of Science--
1937Tata Institute's Council Meeting: Will Sir C.V.Raman remain as Physics Professor?--
21-Sep-1946Underwater atom bomb test : Radio fade-out noted in Bangalore--
1937Visit of Mr.J. Walter Collins, Reuter's agent to the government of India to IISc--
27-Feb-2014You are my son's discovery, Raman told daughter-in-lawKalkod, RajivTimes of India, 27th Feb 2014