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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
27-Aug-2013 Crystal restructuring for better ice cream-Deccan Herald, 27th Aug.2013.
20-Aug-2013 RRI takes first step to view birth of universe-The New The Indian Express, 20th August 2013
20-Aug-2013 Bangalore angle to find 'cosmic dawn' 13 billion years ago--
20-Aug-2013 Radio telescope to help view stars-The Deccan Herald, 20th August 2013.
1-Aug-2013 New pyrimidine-based photo-switchable bent-core liquid crystalsRahman, Md Lutfor; Hegde, Gurumurthy; Yosoff, Mashitah Mohd; Malek, Md N Fazli A; Srinivasa, H.T.; Kumar, SandeepNew Journal of Chemistry, 2013, Vol.37, p2460-2467
Aug-2013 Raman Research Institute in mission to explore formation of early stars-Business Line, 20th Aug.2013
Aug-2013 A peek into the cosmic dawn from the Australian outbackSridhar, V.The Hindu, 24th Aug.2013
Aug-2013 Enhanced sensitivity of the LIGO gravitational wave detector by using squeezed states of lightAasi, J.; Abadie, J.; Iyer, B.R.; and 150 co-authorsNature photonics Letters, 2013, Vol.7, p613
Aug-2013 SARAS: a precision system for measurement of the cosmic radio background and signatures from the epoch of reionizationPatra, Nipanjana.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi.; Raghunathan, A.; Udaya Shankar, N.Experimental Astronomy, 2013, Vol. 36, p319-370.
Aug-2013 A simple model for the rotation of a trapped chiral nematic droplet under the action of a linearly polarized laser beamMosallaeipor, Marjan; Ananthamurthy, Sharath; Madhusudana, N.V.European Physical Journal E, 2013, Vol. 36, p93,
Aug-2013 Constraint algebra in loop quantum gravity reloaded. I. Toy model of a U(1)3 gauge theoryHenderson, Adam; Laddha, Alok; Tomlin, CaseyPhysical Review D, 2013, Vol.88, p044028
Aug-2013 Polar columnar and lamellar mesophases in homologous bent-core compounds derived from methyl 3,5-dihydroxybenzoateUmadevi, S.; Radhika, S.; Sadashiva, B .K.Liquid Crystals, 2013, Vol.40, p 1035
25-Jul-2013 RRI in and around, Album - 2--
16-Jul-2013 System and method to drive display matrixRuckmongathan, T.N.US Patent No 8487855 B2, 2013
15-Jul-2013 Thermal unbinding and ordering of amphiphile bilayers in the presence of saltPal, Antara; Bharath, P.; Dastidar, Sudipta G.; Raghunathan, V.A.Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2013, Vol.402, p151
15-Jul-2013 Gravity asymptotics with topological parametersSandipan, SenguptaPhysical Review D, 2013, Vol.88, p024031
15-Jul-2013 Comparison of post-Newtonian templates for extreme mass ratio inspiralsVarma, Vijay; Fujita, Ryuichi; Choudhary, Ashok; Iyer, B .R .Physical Review D, 2013, Vol.88, p024038
12-Jul-2013 Endnote web: a reference management toolKaddipujar, ManjunathMonthly Presentation
10-Jul-2013 Pulse-phase-dependent variations of the Cyclotron absorption features of the accreting pulsars A0535+26, XTE J1946+274, and 4U 1907+09 with SuzakuMaitra, Chandreyee; Paul, BiswajitThe Astrophysical Journal, 2013, Vol.771, p96
8-Jul-2013 Raman's IISc Colleagues, Album - 10-Photo Gallery
Showing results 21 to 40 of 5528
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