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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Aug-1956 Stress-optic dispersion in glassesRamaseshan, S.; Sivaramakrishnan, V.Current Science, 1956, Vol. 25, p246
Apr-1967 Structure of a monocarboxylic acid derivative of vitamin B12Nockolds, C.K.; Waters, T.N.M.; Ramaseshan, S.; Waters, J.M.Nature, 1967, Vol, 214, p129
Jan-1961 The structure of echitamine iodideManohar, H.; Ramaseshan, S.Current Science, 1961, Vol. 30 p5
1961 Studies on the crystal separating from aqueous lithium nitrate solutionAravamudan, G.; Ramaseshan, S.Canadian Journal of Physics, 1961, Vol.39, p256
1999 A sturdy lead acid car battery using acid gelRamaseshan, S.Current Science, 1999, Vol.77, p487.
Jun-1946 A theory of the crystal forms of the diamondRamaseshan, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, 1946, Vol.24. p122
1974 Thermoelectric power of cerium at high pressuresRamesh, T.G.; Reshamwala, A.S.; Ramaseshan, S.Pramana, 1974, Vol.2, 171-178
1958 Thermo-optic behavior of crystalsRamaseshan, S.Progress in Crystal Physics (Book Chapter), 1958, p139
Sep-1994 A titan passes away : note on Linus Pauling in “In this issue" page of Current ScienceRamaseshan, S.Current Science, 1994, Vol. 67, p299
10-Mar-2000 Two views on the atomic bombRamaseshan, S.Current Science, 2000, Vol.78, p535-536
1974 A unified approach to the theory of anomalous scattering - some novel applications of the multiple wavelength methodRamaseshan, S.; Ramesh, T.G.; Ranganath, G.S.Proceedings of an inter-congress conference on anomalous scattering Ed. S Ramaseshan & S C Abraham, Madrid, Spain, Munksgaard, 1974, p139-161
1957 Use of anomalous scattering for the determination of crystal structures-KMn04Ramaseshan, S.; Venkatesan, K.; Mani, N.V.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 1957, Vol.46. p95
1963 The use of anomalous scattering in crystal structure analysisRamaseshan, S.Advanced methods of crystallography (Book Chapter), 1963, p7
1966 Use of anomalous scattering of neutrons in the solution of crystal structures containing large moleculesRamaseshan, S.Current Science, 1966, Vol. 35, p87
1957 Use of anomalous scattering without phase change in crystal structure analysisRamaseshan, S.; Venkatesan, N.Current Science, 1957, Vol. 26, p352
1968 Use of neutron anomalous scattering in crystal-structure analysis. II. Centrosymmetric structuresSingh, A.K.; Ramaseshan, S.Acta Crystallographica B, 1951, Vol.24, p1701
1968 The use of neutron anomalous scattering in crystal structure analysis. I. Non-centrosymmetric structuresSingh, A.K.; Ramaseshan, S.Acta Crystallographica B, 1951, Vol.24, p35
1976 Use of the multiwavelength anomalous scattering method in crystallographyRamaseshan, S.Text of invited talk given at the IUCr congress, Ottawa Computational Crystallography. p201, Ed. D Sayre, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1976
1954 Using the dispersion corrections on either side of an absorption adge of an atom in a crystal to solve its crystal structureRamaseshan, S.Synopsis of lecture deliverd in the United States
1984 X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the crystal and molecular structure of the predominant monocarboxylic acid obtained by mild acid hydrolysis of cyanocobalamin. Part I. X-ray diffraction studies of air dried crystalsNockolds, C.E.; Ramaseshan, S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Chemical Science, 1984, Vol. 93, p197
Showing results 158 to 177 of 177
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