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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Jul-1989Temperature dependence of hole mobility in Mott insulators: normal-state resistivity of high Tc superconductorsKumar, N.Physical Review B, 1989, Vol.40, p844
Mar-1992Temperature dependence of the c-axis resistivity of high-Tc layered oxidesKumar, N.; Jayannavar, A.M.Physical Review B, 1992, Vol. 45, p5001
1966Temperature dependent exchange narrowing of line width In EPR on interacting donors in Germanium and siliconKumar, N.; Sinha, K.P.Zeitschrift für Physik, 1966, Vol.197, p26
1991Temperature-dependent phase reversal of non resonant microwave and rf absorption in high-Tc superconductorsBhat, S.V.; Srinivasu, V.V.; Kumar, N.Physical Review B, 1991, Vol. 44, p10121
1969A theoretical pulsating model neutron stars (pulsars)Kumar, N.Physics Letters A, 1969, Vol.30, p199
Aug-1973Three dimensional ferromagnetic ising 'fluid' modelKumar, N.; Athreya, K.B.Pramana, 1973, Vol.1, p98
1976Transient effects in low-temperature specific heat of amorphous dielectricsHeinrichs, J.; Kumar, N.Physical Review Letters, 1976, Vol. 36, p1406
15-May-1996Tunneling conductance of Luttinger liquids: ResonancesAshvin, V.; Vijayagovindan, G.V.; Kumar, N.Physical Review B, 1996, Vol.53, 13239- 13241
1993Two-Fermi liquid model for high Tc superconductivity involving suppression of tunnelling by decoherenceKumar, N.Current Science, 1993, Vol.64, p754
1972Undamped cooper pairs in a non-degenerate electron systemKumar, N.; Nandini, R.Physics Letters A, 1972, Vol. 38, p425
1978Upper mass limit for neutron star stability against black hole formationKrishan, V.; Kumar, N.Astrophysics and Space Science, 1978, Vol.57, p241-243
4-May-2007Venkataraman, Natarajan, and Kumar Reply to "Direct measurement of the oscillation frequency in an optical-tweezers trap by parametric excitation," Physical Review Letters, 2005, Vol.95, p193902Venkataraman, V.; Natarajan, V.; Kumar, N.Physical Review Letters, 2007, Vol.98, p189803
10-Jan-2005Viscosity of suspensions and glass: turning power-law divergence into essential singularityKumar, N.Current Science, 2005, Vol. 88, p143-145.
2001Wave propagation and and diffusion in active and passive random media.Anantha Ramakrishna, S.Ph.D. Thesis, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 2001, P 147
1987Weak localization in two and three dimensions: dephasing by zero-point motionKumar, N.; David, V.B.; Richter, R.; Strom-Olsen, J.O.Physical Review Letters, 1987, Vol. 59, p1853
Jul-2000Why are we not blinded by the star light?Kumar, N.Resonance, 2000, July, Vol. 5, p56-59.
1-Apr-2002Zeno blocking of interplanar tunneling by intraplane inelastic scattering in layered superconductors: A generalized spin-boson analysisSanjay Kumar, M.; Dattagupta, S.; Kumar, N.Physical Review B, 2002, Vol.65, 134501
2001The zeno effect and an inter-layer pairing mechanism for high-temperature superconductivity in layered materialsKumar, N.Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific physics conferenc,Taipei, Taiwan, 2001, p24
1969Zero-point energy and continuous creation of matter in an expanding universeKumar, N.Progress of Theoretical Physics, 1969, Vol.41, p382-390