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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1979 Anderson localization on a disordered series-parallel latticeSatyanarayana, S.G.; Devaraj, N.; Kumar, N.Solid State Physics 22C, Proceeding of the nuclear physics and solid state physics symposium, Madras, 1979, p502
1975 Anomalous low temperature specific heart of solid heliumChhajlany, S.C.; Kumar, N.Solid State Physics, Proceedings of the Nuclear Physics and Solid State Physics Symposium, Calcutta, 1975, p392
1970 Attractive electron-electron interaction induced by the dynamical Jahn-Teller effect involving degenerate impurity orbitals: a theory of the impurity enhancement of the superconductive transition temperature in dilute alloysKumar, N.Physical Review B, 1970, Vol.2, p2500
1988 Berry’s phase and weak localization in the presence of spin-orbit interactionKumar, N.Current Science, 1988, Vol.57, p761
1975 Binding energy of Wannier excitations in polar crystalsHeinrichs, J.; Kumar, N.Solid State Communications, 1975, Vol. 16, p1038-1039
2000 Blocking of inter-subspace tunneling by intra sub-space inelastic scatteringPareek, T.P.; Jayannavar, A.M.; Kumar, N.Indian Journal of Physics A, 2000, Vol.74, p413-415
25-Sep-1995 Bose-Einstein condensation in a dilute atomic vapourKumar, N.Current Science, 1995, Vol. 69, p492-493.
25-Dec-2005 Bose–Einstein condensation: Where many become one and so there is plenty of room at the bottomKumar, N.Current Science, 2005, Vol.89, p2093-2100
18-Jun-2006 Bosonic stimulation as a natural realization of the Pólya urn problemKumar, N.; Srikanth, R.Physics Letters A, 2006, Vol.359, p281-284
1973 Brillouin scattering by phonons renormalized by two-magnon excitations in ferromagnetic dielectricsKrishnasamy, L.; Kumar, N.Physica Status Solidi B, 1973, Vol.60, p539
10-May-1995 A calculable quantum capacitanceKumar, N.Current Science, 1995, Vol. 68, p945-946.
14-Feb-2003 Carbon Nanotube Flow SensorsGhosh, Shankar; Sood, A.K.; Kumar, N.Science, 2003, Vol.299, p1042-1044
23-May-2003 Carbon Nanotubes Provide a ChargeCohen, Adam E.; Ghosh, Shankar; Sood, A.K.; Kumar, N.Science, 2003, Vol.300, p1235 - 1236
1-Jun-1998 c-axis resistivity and high-Tc superconductivityKumar, N.; Pareek, T.P.; Jayannavar, A.M.Physical Review B, 1998, Vol.57, 13399-13402
Sep-1998 Charge ordering in the rare-earth manganates: the origin of the extraordinary sensitivity to the average radius of the A-site cations,<rA>.Arulraj, Anthony; Santhosh, P.N.; Srinivasa Gopalan, R.; Guha, Ayan; Raychaudhuri, A.K.; Kumar, N.; Rao, C.N.R.Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter, 1998, Vol.10, p8497-8504
1983 Classical and quantum diffusionKumar, N.Lecture Notes in Physics, 1983, Vol184, p166
Apr-2009 Classical Langevin dynamics of a charged particle moving on a sphere and diamagnetism: a surpriseKumar, N.; Kumar, K.V.Europhysics Letters, 2009, Vol.86, 17001
Jan-2012 Classical orbital magnetic moment in a dissipative stochastic systemKumar, N.Physical Review E, 2012, Vol.85, p 011114
1978 Coherence factors in excitonic insulatorsAmritkar, R.E.; Kumar, N.Solid State Communications, 1978, Vol. 26, p627-631
Mar-1998 Coherently amplifying random medium: Statistics of super-reflectionKumar, N.; Pradhan, P.; Jayannavar, A.M.Superlattices and Microstructures, 1998, Vol.23, p853-857
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